About Us

We are a team and our passion is sharing. We are not in front of you, not behind you, We are always by your side. We are on our journey creating from a dream that we share.  A dream to share the knowledge of the Shaman in a way that empowers everyone to take charge of their lives. To experience the wonder and the extraordinary world that is always present we are simply not aware of it.

We have discovered how magic life can be when we wake up, become more conscious and aware of how we are creating the life we are living.  We have learned to welcome challenges as opportunities to discover more about who we really are.

The sharing of this knowledge with others is simply the icing on the cake. And we love cake.

Margaret and Nicky

NickyHi I’m Nicky, I am slightly bonkers and have a wonderful family and amazing friends and a life that continues to challenge me on all levels. I have been sharing the wisdom of our Shaman ancestors for over 20 years. This does not make me an expert. I have come to realise by sharing the knowledge through storytelling and providing the opportunity to experience Shamanic techniques in a supportive environment, this wisdom is something each person begins to build their own personal relationship with.  Like any successful athlete, a Shaman is continuously in training, refining,improving and becoming more aware.  The Gold medal is waking up to how much power we each have to make a difference in our lives. And it truly makes a difference.

Margaret – Like Nicky I am blessed with a fantastic family & friends & love the life we are living here.I am passionate about the work we share, seeing the difference it can & does make in our lives and of those who choose to step in and join us. The Retreat at Les Vallées wraps itself around you & opens up a space to breath & be brave.  After 16 years Richard and I still feel in awe of the extraordinary place that is Les Vallées. We feel it is truly a magical and fantastic place to embark upon your Shamanic journey.

Intro Richard and Andrew (the men in our lives)

Rich is our man of many hats! Firewood man, taxi driver, builder extraordinaire & so much more. Les Vallées would not be here without him. He is our voice of reason & the one to hold us solidly on the ground.

Andrew our silent partner playing an important role in keeping us grounded and supporting us in our dream of making this happen.