UK 1-Day Shamanic Workshop in Kent 9th April

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the shamanic medicine wheel, we’re holding a 1-day workshops in Maidstone the 9th April 2016 – and it’s only £12.50 for the day An introductory look at shamanism and the journey around the medicine wheel. Nicky Mott will guide this Workshop. Nicky has spent the last 25 years exploring aspects of alternative …

Accepting my grey

After spending a Sunday evening full of abusive comments about going grey, I began to feel rather deflated and began wondering if it is really worth all the hassle. But as you know I am a shaman and I know that the things I experience, as weird as they sometimes seem, have been written by me in order that I …

Going Grey

If I had known that deciding to go grey would cause such opposition, I would have never coloured my hair and just allowed it to take its natural course. Instead after colouring my hair for 15 years at the age of 47 I have decided to embrace my Grey. Anyone out there who has done this will know that growing …

The Book

Over the past 2 years I have written a book sharing my understanding of the shamanic teachings I have experienced in my journey including those of Alberto Villoldo and the Four winds society. This same book has started and finished 4 times and now it is as near to completion as I can get it. Now looking into publishing, I …

Clouds and sky

I Love Sky

I love sky. If I painted this you wouldn’t believe it was real!!!!

Double Rainbow

A Double Rainbow!

You don’t see these very often The sycronicity of this one appearing after working with a client was magical.


Stop and Appreciate

Sometimes it is good to just break off and appreciate what is around you. One of my most favourite stone circles Castlerigg in the lake district – Wow what a place!!

Sunrise at Les Vallees, France

I love this place

Waking up to sunrises like this really makes my day. Waking up to a sunrise at les Vallees is extra special and sets me up for the day ahead.

Nicola Mott

My first blog post

We’ve all got to start somewhere haven’t we? Here I am on Brighton Pier, sun shining, wind blowing having a great time with good friends.