Pipe Ceremony

This 3 day experiential workshop is based on the vision of Stalking Wolf, (Grandfather), a displaced Lipan Apache.
We will spend our time together looking at Grandfather’s vision and the purpose of his life journey, which was to determine the pure way of being in the worlds of the physical and spiritual at the same time.

Pipes on Mesa ClothWe live in a duality, however we have become so far removed from the realm of spirit that we can no longer remember how to communicate and live within the spiritual realm. We spend our time consumed by matters of the physical and as such our ego mind has become dominant. It is our aim to live with the duality of physical and spiritual mind being equal.
In our search to regain this balance we have introduced many tools, which have in essence complicated something that is very pure and simple.

Day 1 – We will look at Grandfather’s journey, the medicine wheel and what Grandfather called the sacred silence.
Day 2 – Will deepen our experience of sacred silence, creating our inner medicine place and envisioning.
Day 3 – We will bring all these skills together as we learn the sacred pipe ceremony, a graceful dance between the physical and the spiritual.

We will close on the evening of day 3 with a pipe ceremony and fire.