East class and new South class October 2017


Everydayshaman is hosting an East class of the Peruvian shamanic philosophy 8th to 13th October at Les Vallées. We are delighted to be welcoming back those who have travelled the path with us since the South one year ago and also welcoming those who are joining us to deepen their understanding of the teachings shared in this direction. We then begin a new South class at Les Vallées 15th October and there are still places available.

The South is perceived as the beginning of the training, however I have seen over the years people feel called to particular aspects of the medicine teachings and can find themselves beginning their journey in a master class or another direction of the medicine wheel. So maybe the beginning for some is the South and for others the North. Maybe it is one particular element that then supports someone on the next step of their journey.

No matter whether this may be our first step into different philosophies and perspectives on life and no matter how experienced we think we are, joining together creates opportunity for us all to discover more of the beauty  and wisdom that already exists within us. We all have something important and inspiring to share. We all have experienced life in many ways.

The teachings encourage us to open our hearts and minds and embrace those who show up whenever and wherever sychronicity brings us together.

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