Take a moment to be truly present




So often we are rushing around, doing several jobs at the same time or thinking of several things at the same time. And then our children ask us a question or life presents us with a question. How often do we stop and become fully present to the moment. Truly giving our attention to the matter in hand, the question of our child or the question that life has thrown us.

When we can be fully present with someone, allowing them time to finish their sentence to share what they want to share without butting in, we can gain so much more from the moment, the relationship.  So often we are thinking about our own place in the conversation, our own point of view that we miss beautiful opportunities where harmony can be found.

This applies to anthing we are considering whether this is the conversation in our head or with another or considering different options when decisions have to be made.

Make time to slow down and be truly present with yourself and others. It is a good practise when we can remember. A way to help is to open our 8th Chakra or Wiracocha. This is just above your head, a golden luminescent sphere that when opened down and around you is like covering yourself with a soft blanket. As lovely as this sounds, what it does is helps you to stay awake and aware to what is really going on around you so that you can respond from a place of truth not from your Ego’s wants and desires.

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