Overview of the directions of the Medicine Wheel

Using the skills of Shamanism to take charge of our lives

This philosophy dates back more than 5000 years and the key aspects of the medicine teachings are as applicable to life today as they have always been.

The basic map is: you have an energy field that carries information about you in all areas of your life. A bit like a computer memory bank full of files about everything you could possibly want to know about yourself.

It directs your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviours, your habits and finally the kind of life you find yourself living. And all of this is built on perception and perception is learned.

So your life is influenced by everything you have learned from your environment stretching far back into the past.  The most important thing to recognise is that you continue to live based on the past because this is the map you have created to get through life. So even if you find yourself continually stepping into the same place wishing for a different outcome the outcome is always a repeat performance of the past.

Nicky Mott - Shamanic TeachingSo first you want to clear these outmoded patterns and beliefs from your energy field because they act like magnets continuing to pull the same situations, with the same kind of people into your life. Shift the memory in your energy field, create a new script for your internal movie and you begin to perceive life differently so then you are able to live into different beliefs and behaviours and experience the very best of yourself in your life right now in the moment.

You have to take charge and create a new map. To do this there are many shamanic techniques and there are 2 essential things to remember. You have to believe you can do it and then you have to practise the techniques. When we create a new map to live into we remember that the old voices, the old behaviours may still come knocking and we want to be able to remain anchored in our new map.

First we work energetically, then we bring this shift into feelings, then into images and sounds and then an action.

The shaman recognise that part of our journey is about creating balanced relationships and this goes for all areas of life. Our partners, our parents, our children, our job, our money, our appearance and food to name a few.

Think of a situation that is bothering you

Imagine in your mind’s eye you have a circle on the right hand side. Now on the left side take a moment to observe the kind of film you are running about this issue, this relationship. Notice the colours, the characters, the feelings, the words and sounds. It is not necessary to take in all the detail. You already know this movie really well so a sense of the energy is enough. Otherwise you will engage with the story because we all love a good story.

Now take a deep breath and imagine you are pulling all the energy out from this film and blowing all the energy into the circle. As you transfer the energy into the circle the image of the film begins to fade, the sounds begin to fade, the colours, the voices until the screen is blank.

The circle on the right side is now full of a mixture of energy. Imagine the energy in the circle floating up out into the sky like a bubble up further and further until it leaves the Earth’s atmosphere and pops returning to a pure form of energy. You know like electrons and protons whizzing about ready to change form.

Take a moment to get a sense of how you feel now all this heavy energy has been released. Notice where this new feeling is and how it moves within you. Follow the direction this new energy is moving and then imagine it moving faster and expanding until it fills you up completely on the inside and overflows into the space around you. You may begin to get a sense of an image, a colour or hear sounds. Allow this new energy to evolve and when you feel ready, I want you to press down on your left thumb nail. This anchors in this new vibration into your body and this new image into your internal movie. Release the pressure on you thumb nail and take a breath. Notice what is going on inside of you. Then press your left thumb nail again and remember the new vibration. Remain there a few moments and then release the pressure again.

Repeat this a few times. Then you must practise. So whatever the situation is you have been working with when you step in you may begin to feel old feelings etc returning. Take a moment breath and press your left thumb nail. Use this to remind you of your new vibration and keep doing it. You are rewriting your movie script, you want to practise the new script until it is automatic.

As for those incessant voices that continue to pull us down and remind us of everything negative we have decided about ourselves. Take a moment to question the very thing the voices say. For example, once upon a time I was told that to make it in art college I would have to be outstanding, otherwise there was no future in it really. So I did not go to art college and I made it mean that I was obviously not good enough and that I would have to be outstanding to make it. The problem is I did not clarify it so it became a self sabotage belief which affected everything. Then one day whilst studying homeopathy, I learned to question the belief.

The questions were and remain:

Who said that?
How do they know?

A belief is formed from a perception and we all have our own perception of life. It is healthy to question our beliefs for they are only true if we hold them as true. How many things through history have been believed and then someone has been curious enough to question the belief explored possibility and found something else. We have to be willing to consider that our belief may not be as true as we think it is.

So we all know those voices that continue the internal dialog reinforcing our beliefs about ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even notice them because they have become so habitual they just pass us by and we don’t give them a second glance. The problem is that these voices continue to justify and support our old ways of seeing ourselves in our lives and only we can hear them. We have to wake up and become more aware of this internal conversation and then simply change the mood in which the words are said. I like the Haribo advert when all the adults take a Haribo sweet and then begin talking like children. It helps because it changes the way in which you hear the words and it becomes much easier to take charge of them when the energy behind them has shifted. So it maybe a softer voice, a cartoon character, imagine the character saying the words. Practise this technique make a difference in your life now. Shaman recognise we have to shift our relationship with our world and this has to begin on the inside.

So we have to become more aware and more awake to what kind of movie we are playing and recognise that if we are the creators and the writer of the script then we can change the script and the movie we are showing and living into. Live the life of a shaman everyday and live into the undiscovered potential of yourself.