The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine wheel consists of 4 modules where we will share our deepest fears and our greatest dreams.

Nicky and Alberto in Peru at AusangateFor each direction you will bring 3 beautiful stones. These, through ancient ceremony anchor you to the integrity and purity of spiritual knowledge and are a representation of your own personal transformation.

The altar you create is in recognition of your own power and commitment to be the difference you want to see in your life and the world around you.

South – Truth and Expansion

You begin to create your personal altar in the South where we take the opportunity to really look at the stories that we tell and how they inform our lives. We begin to unravel the beliefs and shadows that are held within these stories honoring the reason or no reason they were created and begin to choose differently. We take a deeper look at the beliefs and unused potential sides of us that remain hidden and undernourished. During this week you will receive rites of passage, to support you through this stage of your spiritual journey.

West – Balance and Integrity

In the West you will work with your ancestors and learn how our family and karmic systems or patterns can bind us. More importantly you create space here to honour your ancestors, acknowledging the gifts and unbinding the ties. Here you truly begin to step into your life fully, no longer informed by the past. In the West you receive rites of passage as you step into a place of stewardship of all of life.

North- Wisdom and Knowledge

In the North close the door to the West and step into the place of your becoming. You engage less at the emotional and physical and begin to come into balance with your own inner spiritual voice. You take your incredible journey knowing how to read with confidence, through all your senses, the signs and guidance provided by spirit.

You remember how to step outside of time and find a deep place of stillness. You will take your place at the fire, stepping into destiny claiming your life and your journey. You will receive the rites of passage as you deepen your animistic relationship with the world and step into living everyday with access to ancient wisdom and teachings.

East – Envisioning and Manifesting

In the East we look at projection and perception in a deeper way. You will begin to recognize that everything is projection. This is a powerful awareness as we journey through life, for here you can truly understand how the universe is simply a mirror. You will have the opportunity to look at your own limiting beliefs and hidden excuses for not stepping fully into participating in life.

In the East the rites of passage support you in deepening your understanding of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. With this knowledge and the gifts of your own life experiences you will develop the art of sharing this knowledge in an authentic way. Ho