Vision Quest Winchester

Friday 31st May 2019 at 12pm – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Highbridge Farm Winchester SO50 6HN

For further details please contact Rachael Thompson at

Welcome to this 3 day experiential workshop dedicated to taking your relationship with yourself to a deeper level and engaging in ancient ceremony to enter into a sacred world of eternal possibilities.

We begin to understand through our experience that thoughts, beliefs and situations cannot be resolved at the level at which they are created. If we keep doing and thinking in the same old way, we just get more of the same.

We want to create space to turn down the noise of our intellect to allow our inner voice to be heard.  A Vision Quest provides the structure and support for you to use the full range of your consciousness to examine your life, find the root of any discontent and gain a vision of new directions and goals.  A Vision Quest is not the time spent on your own. The Quest begins from the moment you set your intention and continues as you integrate and create the new coordinates for a more powerful and supportive map for your life’s journey.

This workshop is open to all those who feel called to spend some time in nature’s sacred space. This is an opportunity to enrich your own life and of course as you experience any shift in your perception of the world so others have the opportunity to do the same.

Remember the Vision Quest like any participation in medicine wheel work is a continuation of your personal journey and is not to be considered an escape from your reality but an enhancement of your awareness in your life’s journey.

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