Additional skills of the shaman

Deepening our knowledge of the wisdom teachings with this 8 day intensive class of addtional skills

This class is designed to deepen our understanding of the wisdom teachings. It is an intense week including work with Ayahuasca in the homeopathic form.

This week will introduce you to new techniques and insights to build a truly trusting relationship with the wisdom teachings, yourself and the world around you.

We will look deeper at the adverse affects of shadow and learn new ways to raise our awareness and intervene at the energetic level. Some of the areas included are-

External and internal sabotage/sorcery
Generational curses
An in depth look at the death rites and their value in energetic work.
Working with cords and attachments.
Kutti, Ayni and Aya despachos.

Deepening our knowledge of the wisdom teachings part 2

As we continue our journey together we will explore our relationship with synchronicity and our ability to ask clear questions and understand the signs that we receive.

Building our confidence in our tracking skills and how we bring this into service of another.

Exploring the importance of soul retrieval and the relationship with destiny.

Deepening our understanding of what it means to track a new destiny for another, retrieving and anchoring the new state of being.

The importance of knowing the bigger picture, integrity and discernment.

Some of the areas covered are-

Introduction and working with the I Ching

The perceptual states and how they are applied in divination

Stillness practices.

Stone casting and leaf readings