Shamanic Wedding Ceremony

This is a lovely way to take your relationship with your partner to a deeper level. This ceremony can be used purely to honor union. Official marriage is not necessary. If you have been with your partner a long time and wish to honor the relationship then this could be an option for you to. (Please note these ceremonies are not civil marriages nor are there any official registrations).

The ceremony is about honouring each other as individuals and as a union. We are all on our journey of life and when we marry we are acknowledging our commitment to support another on their journey.

This ceremony takes marriage/union to a sacred place, where we celebrate that we are different from each other and know that the relationship is about us growing in our lives and in our love for each other. This growth of course is our inner spiritual growth as well as our physical lives together. So there is the understanding that patience and forgiveness are always present in the union of two people. That ultimately we grow in our love so the love we experience asks for nothing and gives nothing in return. Love is simply there.

A prayer parcel is created throughout the blessing. This prayer parcel is called an Ayni despacho. The word Ayni means right relationship and despacho is to give back. This is an altar to celebrate all our thanks and our wishes for the married couple. During the ceremony guests are asked to come forward to place their prayers in the parcel. All these prayers are passed via the shaman whose role it is to ensure that every prayer is pure and of service to the married couple.

Once the ceremony is complete. The despacho/prayer parcel is normally burned and arrangements can be made to complete this with the shaman, or the parcel can be taken home and burned in the garden of your home. Full instructions on the fire ceremony for this will be supplied.

Further celebrations can follow depending on your personal wishes.