Shamanic Ceremonies

Sacred ceremony has been a part of human evolution that began before the founding of religion. It reaches far back in to our history and when we participate we are remembering this deep spiritual knowledge that exists within each one of us. We remember we are all part of the divine,the mysterious force of life and creation that has many names and yet remains nameless.

NickyThe creation of a ceremony can be for many stages in life’s journey for example the leap from infant to going to school. Becoming a teenager and the transition into adulthood. Ceremony assists us to honour marriage and the birth of a child. The celebration of old age and honouring death are also areas where the creation of ceremony can assist us to reach a place of peace. It can also be used to help us release old attachments whether this is with someone or an old belief of behaviour. Add to this the beauty of creating a ceremony to say thank you and we can see the possibilities are infinite.

Although many known ceremonies are clothed in a different language, custom, or religion, the themes throughout follow a similar path and need not be restricted to tradition or rules. Ceremony does require some structure and normally has some simple guidelines to follow and at the same time provides a space for the intuition and spiritual direction of the individual to evolve within the process.

There are also sacred rituals and these are slightly different in that they use specific steps in their creation. For example Pipe ceremony, involves a ritual dance with the pipe that has remained unchanged for centuries. These steps have been danced to attain a certain level of experience of the divine. They create a space for others that is recognised and within which the wisdom and knowledge through the practice reaches us and is remembered. The remainder of the ceremony is then open to the participation of the individuals present.

Purely by bringing a clear intention and awareness to our participation in ceremony we evoke a sense of belonging. The act of ceremony reaches across nations and beyond religion. The simple act of lighting a candle for example is seen throughout the world and can create an enormous sense of our spiritual selves, our relationship with others and the natural world.

Conducted with a pure and open heart, ceremony is a moment to remember that we are all part of the creator and creation. A place where we recognise that we are not separate from the sacred source that sustains us both physically and spiritually. Ceremony helps to remind us of our place and our participation within the vast tapestry of life.